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Better Late Than Never

4 years ago as an IT support intern at a small pharmaceutical company I decided that I was going to learn how to code. I sat down and made a spreadsheet of the most popular programming languages and the best online free courses for each one. Every day I would sit down at my computer with a fresh cup of coffee and pluck away at a few more exercises and try to learn just a little bit more.

4 years and as many half-completed courses later, I still didn't know how to code. No longer a bright-eyed, pimply-faced-youth at a small company I've been transplated into a fast-paced startup surrounded by some of the brightest people I've ever met. Each of them has more programming talent in their little toes than I have in my whole body and its sparked in me a renewed comittment to learning to code.

This time I around I decided that I was willing to invest whatever it takes in learning a new skill and that has meant making learning to code a high priority in my life. Its also meant being honest with myself and my learning style. With that in mind I sought out a course with a strong teacher to help steer me and help make up for any shortcomings in my own discipline.

After a lengthy search I settled on Bloc's frontend web development apprenticeship.

I was impressed with the amount of time set aside for 1-on-1 interaction with your mentor, something I feel is pivotal to my ability to learn, and their rigorous curriculum that reflected the real life tools a developer needs to function. I've been working on this course for almost two weeks and already I feel like I've learned more than I had in my self-study.

So far I'm squashed the basics of JavaScript, learned to conquer Git and even deployed a small site to Heroku. While I've often felt frustrated with some of the exercises its taught me to seek out answers aggressively and to put together solutions with all the tools available to me. I've still got 16 weeks ahead of me and a lot to learn but I hope to keep this blog updated with my progress and, hopefully, projects!